Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crafting and more!

This is a long post because I finally found some batteries for the camera so I could put more pictures on here. We have been pretty busy the last 2 months, and the next two weeks are going to be even busier. I have to figure out how to make a demolition derby birthday cake for Zenock on Tuesday, we have a fall carnival at Ammon's school on Friday, trunk-or-treating the next week, and Ammon's birthday on the 29th, then Halloween, then I start going to the doctor every two weeks for a checkup on me and the baby...only 14 weeks left!!! I have been busy making Christmas presents for family, and I have included some of the pictures of stuff in here...but you'll have to guess who they are for because I am not telling! For the grandparents
Zenock didn't listen to me when I asked him to stop running. He fell and got a nasty carpet burn on his elbow. He was so distraught about it he thought he was sick or something. So he said that to make his owie better he had to sleep on the couch with his big blanky, pillow, and hippo. He complained about it hurting for couple of days until it started to scab over.

Helping vacumn turned into a sword fight in my room. No one was hurt during this playtime!

I made a fort for the kids one night because we were bored.

Ammon coloring his own Halloween decoration

Zenock coloring his own Halloween decoration. I love $1 crafts!

Playing in the sand at the "sand park" as they call it.

Mr. Batman riding his bike with Ammon's Harley helmet and pads.

They play like boys, the dirtier the more fun they have. They play in these rocks by the sidewalk to our house all the time. I can't seem to keep them away from it. I think we need to make a sandbox or something in our back patio so they stay out of this stuff.

A fall wreath I made. I think for the fabric, leaves, and wreath I spent less than $7 all together. Love cheap crafts!

Made this for like $2. It's the back of another saying I made for Valentine's Day. I made the letters from a font on Word and used my exacto knife to cut them out. I only had to buy the 3D sticker scene.

Someone's Christmas present!

Zenock has the best (or should I say worst) chocolate milk mustaches sometimes. Sorry for the blur, my camera isn't very good sometimes.

Zz wanted to have some underwear on the outside of his pants like SuperWhy does. It's a show on PBS that we LOVE. The kids dressed up like him last year for Halloween if you want to look in the archives for an idea of what SuperWhy looks like. I'm too lazy to find a picture online to paste on here :)

Ammon lost his first tooth on Sunday during his Primary class. He said it just fell out on the floor. He was so excited he had to come into Young Women's to show me. He loved that the tooth fairy left him 2 quarters under his pillow that night. He has another loose tooth that's just about ready to come out again. His permenant tooth under that one has already broken the gumline and is slowly pushing the baby tooth out. It should be out in the next couple of days.

After Brady got home from work on General Conference Sunday we drove to Bullhead, AZ to see Peyton. She's Ronny and Christa's 4th girl, and she's super cute. Ammon loves her...and all babies for that matter. Zenock didn't even want to get close to her. I think when our little one arrives he's going to have some jealousy issues. I guess we'll deal with that when it comes.

Another Christmas gift for someone. I use my mother-in-law's Cricut so much that I decided to find one on craigslist that would fit my budget. I found a personal one that came with mats. I don't have any of my own cartridges yet, but those are much easier to borrow than the whole machine with all the stuff. It's really, really fun to use. I have a couple more gifts to make with it! This time was my first attempt at using vinyl. For a first try I think it turned out okay.


Rory and Melissa Peterson said...

Great crafts! I have a little cricut, and instead of getting cartridges I got the "Sure Cuts a Lot" computer program that lets you cut out clip-art and and font on your computer. You can arrange things on it so you can utilize all your space on the vinyl and not waste much. It is soooo nice.

Keiza said...

Melissa, does the program make it so the words get cut normally? For example, with the cartridge it makes the bottom of the "y" in "my" level with the bottom of the m. So then it's super annoying because I have to move the taller letters like that down into the proper place by hand.