Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is here

At least for this week. That could change next week, you never know! The last few days, and for the next week, we are enjoying some fabulous temperatures and cool breezes. There have even been a few sprinkles here and there. The smell of rain is awesome, especially when I can open my windows and let it permiate the house!

Brady has been very busy with work. He hasn't had a day off in two weeks because when he has a day off he is still on call. Well both Saturday and Sunday mornings he got called in. He said he was glad it was General Conference so he wouldn't miss church and have to find a sub for his Sunday School class. I was able to watch all four sessions this time. I was pretty amazed because in all my years of conference watching (both unwillingly and because I actually wanted to) I don't think I have ever watched all four sessions in their entirety. However, just because I was watching it doesn't mean I wasn't distracted here and know like being a mom and having one or both kids interrupt at any given moment. I was also able to go to the General Relief Society broadcast the week before. I really enjoyed it, especially with no children around to distract me! One thing that really stuck with me was President Monson's remarks about charity and how it is the lack of judgement of others. I loved his story about the wife who was judging her neighbor because she thought she was hanging dirty laundry when in fact, she was looking through dirty windows! It is my turn to teach the Fast Sunday lesson in Young Women this week, so I think I am going to focus on what President Monson said. I made some cute paper ribbon handouts that say "In the Lord's eyes you are ALWAYS number one." Hopefully the girls will judge others a little less and love the way they are a little more.

Over the last couple of weeks I have also been crafting like crazy. I have been working on Christmas gifts for family members, kids and adults. It has been so much fun!!! The only challenge I have really encountered thus far is keeping my kids from "helping" me. Seriously, sometimes I don't have that kind of patience, you know? It's just easier for me to do it and do it quickly so I can get the table cleared in time to eat dinner on it. Pretty much everyone we drew names for on both sides is getting something homemade. I hope you all enjoy them!!

Our other little man is growing continually, and I can feel him move around in there quite a bit. He is most active from 9 p.m. until I go to bed it seems. It's so fun though, and I love that the movements are sometimes strong enough for Brady to feel with his hand. It's not like that all the time, but I know before this pregnancy is over Brady will be able to feel him kick and squirm a lot. I am really excited to have another little boy in our home. I love my boys, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Some people have asked me if I am disappointed, and I say no, not at all. It really doesn't matter to me if we have a boy or girl ever; I just want them here safely and healthy. Ammon is getting excited to have another baby too. Sometimes he asks to cuddle with my belly so he can cuddle the baby and talk to him. It's super cute. And Zenock doesn't care in the slightest...hopefully he'll not be too jealous when the little man appears next year. I am almost 25 weeks, so there's just 15 to go!

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