Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ammon's friend party

He had a beyblade themed party with three friends. The babies knew just what the stadiums were for!

We had a beyblade competition. In the first round Ammon took first, in the second round Bryson took first. All the boys earned certificates of achievement for various things like best spin, wildest spin, and best team spirit. Then we had nacho cheese hotdogs for dinner and beyblade cupcakes for dessert. They all ran around outside playing with swords too. We all had a ton of fun with three extra boys for a while! I am totally a fan of having small birthday parties at home rather than big combined ones at the park.

The cupcakes were supposed to look like the fire blaze beyblade.

One of the boys included a pack of mustaches in his present to Ammon. They all tried them out; it was hilarious! FYI, they are all doing the ripping pose...getting ready to rip their beyblades.

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Melonie said...

seriously cute mustache posers. what a fun birthday party memory for him!