Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thumbs, shakes, and movies

I love it when they suck their thumbs at the same time.

We enjoyed In-n-Out shakes for a dessert last Friday night. Brady and I love strawberry and chocolate mixed. Ammon had chocolate and vanilla, like a twist cone. Zenock tried strawberry and vanilla mixed. Ayla and Gideon mooched off of everyone, sometimes not wanting to give the cup back. The awesome cashier there offered to take our picture in the middle of helping other customers. It was awesome! The weather here is soooo nice, even after dark, so we ate them outside on their picnic tables. And then we had to rush home because Gideon had an accident. We had a great beginning, and a stinky ending.

Super Saturday craft day at the church was the 12th. I had to take all the kids because Brady was at work all day. Ayla is on the far left, almost falling out of her chair. Then Ammon, Zenock, three kids from church, and Gideon. They watched Cars....but the entertainment only lasted about 15 minutes before they were back in the gym bugging me. Next year Brady is either taking time off or I'm getting a babysitter because craft day isn't productive, or any fun, with four kids running loose everywhere. Ayla also burned her thumb grabbing the hot glue gun shortly after this picture was taken. Needless to say, I was very happy to take the kids home for naptime.

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