Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birthday boy!

Zenock took two friends to the Bird Preserve for a neat class about why some birds are scary on Halloween. We got to walk some of the trails outside after the class was over. All six kids loved watching some birds run in front of us or fly over us on the trails. I loved taking Zenock and his friends on this adventure! I'm so glad we have such great, free, family friendly activities here!! They learned about owl poop and what kinds of things are in it. They learned what kinds of birds are all black, they listened to a vulture call...people sometimes think it sounds like someone screaming. The teacher talked about what vultures do and why they are important. It was a fun time for everyone!

Woah! There's a big white bird flying over there! We later found out it was an American White Pelican. Bird maps are pretty informative for kids that can read.

Way up high in a viewing tower!

Another pond. This one is on a long bridge!

Ayla likes to travel in style :)

Zenock and his friends in front of a really cool bird nest tower! It was so tall!

Heading back to the car. I think Ayla and I were the only ones not running.

Thanks Isaiah for the awesome TMNT fishing game!! It's fun to play with everyone!

Thanks Ben for the awesome Batman Legos!!! He LOVES Batman!

Everyone is having a blast checking out the fun new toys! Who doesn't love a good fishing game?
Tonight we are having pizza...."from the pizza store" at Zenock's request. Then I made an eagle birthday cake for after. You all get to see pictures of that later.

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