Saturday, October 19, 2013

The cake, the birthday song...and presents!

This, my friends, is a bald eagle head cake. The cake itself was an easy chocolate cupcake recipe I adapted slightly from, and oh my gosh was it good!!! I loved it! I put marshmallow cream in between the layers, which was a little too sweet overall, but I didn't know what else to put in there besides more boring frosting. I like to change things up, you know?


He had such a great day! He picked Little Caesar's pizza for dinner...."from the pizza store" with breadsticks. He chose a huge tub of cookies and cream ice cream from Winco and some fun Halloween chips and salsa to eat for later. Then we had Uncle Jason and Sage over for cake, ice cream, and presents. He got a beyblade and a cool super hero ensemble from Aunt Bethany and Uncle Jason and Sage, beyblades from his siblings, Batman and Joker playhouses with some heroes and villains...someone needs to go to jail right?? (I called them Batman doll houses....please don't tell him I said that), and some games for his Leapster thingy.

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