Friday, October 25, 2013

Pink, guts, and moochers

Dad and Mom, this is the dress you got for her last Christmas. She's now tall enough to wear it!! I had to wait until she wasn't crawling anymore at all because it's so long I knew she'd have trouble getting around all the pink fluff....btw, this dress is really poofy.

Obligatory pumpkin carving. This year we just bought one jumbo one. Pintrest showed me how to cut the pumpkin for easier gutting and carving....totally awesome!! Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the front, and now it's starting to wilt and be sorry. It was a witch that flew into a tree.

Showing me how excited he is about watching his train movie

Finishing off my cereal.

Stealing my peanut butter and jam sandwich and my mangos for lunch, and yes, that is his macaroni and cheese on the table too. This kid!! I think he ended up eating 1/4 of my sandwich and two or three pieces of dried mango....along with his lunch.

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