Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Potty training 301

She likes to "help" put dishes away by unloading the cupboard. This is why I have a baby gate in my kitchen.

Just a second before I took this picture they were both sucking their thumbs.

I named this post Potty training 301 because Gideon is my third kid to go through this, so by now I should be a pro! The first three days were full of no success. He cried for the first two days every time he had to sit on the toilet. Day three brought no tears, and on day four he finally went!! He was really happy to finally get to open his fire truck prize! He loves to put stickers on the potty chart. So far he's been able to put on four. He is getting really good at telling us when he thinks he needs to go. I think yesterday he asked to go 5 times in a row and never did anything, but he wanted to go sit and try. So that's really good! My week is filled with doing nothing except being home to take him to the bathroom. I hope he gets it all down soon because we can't stay home forever since Winco doesn't deliver. Ammon learned the pee part in three days and pooping in a week. Zenock was a week to pee and three weeks to poop. I am crossing my fingers Gideon gets it all done closer to Ammon's time frame than Zenock's. Next year is Ayla's turn.

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