Monday, October 29, 2012

8 is great!

Singing the Happy birthday song

Opening his double barrel nerf shotgun....he's been wanting this thing for over a year now.

Gideon loved Ammon's card from my family because it sang a song. He kept opening and closing it to make it sing again.

Lego Ninjago icecream cake. It's supposed to be the black ninja, but I just really suck a getting food coloring to do black. It always comes out purple. Thank you Sam for letting me borrow your cake decorating tips!!!!

The birthday loot: nerf shotgun from siblings, scriptures and case from us, plants vs zombies and lego ninjago ds games from Brady's parents, two different nerf guns and extra darts from Brady's sister's family, and the totally awesome cub scout uniform from my parents - he can't wait to go to scouts next week!

This picture belongs at the beginning. We surprised him with chocolate chip cookies - Ammon's favorite - for his class on his birthday. He insisted he get a picture with his two cute friends, Angie and Kaylie.

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Alayna said...

Get some Americolor food coloring. It is a true black. The only place I can find it is The Prepared Pantry for $1.35. I still think the cake looks good, though.