Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gideon's word list

So far these are the words Gideon actually says:
-truck (meaning anything large, from delivery truck to bus, semi, construction, etc.)- sounds like agackga
-dog (whether he can see them or just hear them barking)-sounds like agackga
-bye bye
-hello (while putting something up to his or another's ear for a phone)
-hi (accompanied by a very loud voice and animated wave)
-Ayla (he says the "la" sound while sticking his tongue out and wagging it back and forth)
-banana- sounds like anana
-all done
-car -sounds like ga
-all gone
-oh dude

His sign language vocabulary hasn't increased yet but these are the signs he knows:
thank you
all done or all gone

He is really good at following simple directions. He knows dirty diapers go in the trash. If he sees one he will throw it away without being asked. He knows dryer lint and dryer sheets also go in the trash.

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