Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Brady REALLY wants to do a family costume every year for Halloween and I just don't ever get around to it.....until this year. He LOVES zombies - it must be a man thing - but the kids didn't want to be zombies......so we compromised and did the Plants vs. Zombies video game. Ayla was "eating" her way out of my tummy - such a cute baby zombie. Gideon was the sunshine token the player earns as zombies are killed - his sunshine was taped to the back of his shirt so he wouldn't rip it off. Zenock was the green pea shooter plant. Ammon was the blue pea shooter plant. Brady was the daddy zombie. We had such a good time. I really enjoyed doing the latex makeup for the zombie effect. It made me miss my theater makeup class at ISU back in the day. We opened one of our van doors and made a Frankenstein head for it. The other side was black and said BOO and a ghost spray painted in white. We has some glowy balloons taped to the antenna. It was so awesome!! I am really happy I got on the ball this year and actually made the effort to do a family theme complete with vehicle decoration.

This was at our church parking lot tonight for the trunk or treat tradition. We had chili and cornbread in the parking lot. Carnival games were set up in the center of the lot and all the cars parked around the perimeter. It was so awesome, and we could not have had better weather. There was no breeze, and the temps were in the low 80's today so it made the evening wonderfully pleasant.

Zenock the green pea shooter

Best looking zombie couple in the world.

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