Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's getting colder

Finally, the temperatures are getting to very comfortable levels around here. Today we had crazy wind speeds though, so even though it was 70* at 6:30pm, it felt like 50*. We got caught outside in it for two hours of soccer practice, and silly me didn't think to have everyone change into pants and bring jackets. It was freezing!! We have shorts weather during the day and pants/jackets when the sun goes down....it feels like Idaho :) I am now aware of my sensitivity to cooler temperatures. It makes me feel like I am turning into a heat rat. Thanks alot Vegas....you've made me go from a tough Idaho girl to a wimpy Vegas 85* lover. At this point in time I would still rather have Idaho weather all the time than the extreme summer heat we have here. I am honestly looking forward to when Brady can apply for promotions and such north of here. Graduation, hurry up and get here already!!


Alayna said...

Be careful what you wish for! We had some snow yesterday! The high today is around 40. It was only about a month ago that the low was 40. To get Drake from school yesterday, we were wearing everything but snowsuits. But that doesn't say much for Chloe. She will wear her scarf, hat, and gloves on a warm day.

Lifes Little Adventures said...

I sure wouldn't have a problem with you guys heading out here!!! but you already know that! ;D