Sunday, October 14, 2012


I was just thinking when was the last time I went to a fireside.........and it's been years and years......probably before Ammon was born. Tonight there was a finale fireside for a multi stake youth conference. They had Brandon Flowers of The Killers speak. The link on his name directs you to his video about being a rock singer and a Mormon. Brady had the opportunity to be part of the security team for the event, and I got to go with some ladies from our ward. He was able to come sit by me when our stake president was introducing Brandon and his wife, Tana. They are an amazing couple!!!! Life is never easy, and for someone to be able to practice the LDS faith amongst so much "worldliness" is amazing. He is often asked about the difficulty he has keeping such high standards while being exposed and pressured into the drug and sex world that is out there for famous entertainers. He told us tonight that it isn't a problem, and it never has been. His lifestyle defines who he is, defines his music even....and having a successful music career is no match for his faith and testimony of Jesus Christ. The area authority seventy, Elder Gibson, also made remarks after the Flowers' were finished. I feel so blessed that we both were able to attend this fireside. I know we were blessed to find someone to come be with our boys at home so Ayla and I could go with Brady. It was no small task to find someone who didn't have to stay home with their own children while the other spouse went with the teenagers who were old enough to go to the fireside too. Today I have definitely been spiritually fed.

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