Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ethel M. Chocolate Factory lights!

We had family home evening on Tuesday since Brady was home that evening. We took the kids to see the lights at the chocolate factory cactus gardens. Ayla's coat is 18 month size, and it's ginormous! I love my purple marshmallow.

They were both running around and didn't want to come back by Daddy and the stroller. They both melted on the sidewalk. Gideon got up before Ayla, obviously, but he looked just like her a second before.

The penguins in the igloo behind them popped up and down. Ayla was freaking out with excitement about all these inflatables, as seen in the picture below.

No, she's not mad...quite the opposite. I think she would have loved to get on the other side of the fence and give all those inflatables a big cuddle.

These two pictures were my favorite part. I love peacocks. I have Ayla's room in peacock colors...and I just love it.

Gideon was SO excited about this huge polar bear. It must have been 8 feet tall. He was shouting, "WOAH!!" And he also found a rock to stand on so I could take his picture. He likes to look at pictures of himself in the camera. Now he will even smile for me, if it's his idea first.

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