Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Goofy kids of mine

Gideon was so mad that Ammon had the bear on his head.

Gideon sleeps with a brother every single night. No matter how many times we put him back in his bed, he still ends up in someone else's bed. Usually Ammon is the lucky one with a companion; however, last night he slept in Zenock's bed all night...not even getting up once...which NEVER happens.

A note Zenock wrote to Ammon while he was at a birthday party a while ago. He has a really hard time being home when Ammon is with his friends. It says "Dear Ammon. I miss you so much."

She found a Santa hat.

This is her first time eating peanut butter on apple slices. She ate most of it, but there was still peanut butter schmear all over her.

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