Saturday, November 30, 2013

Funny kids

Here is something really funny Zenock told me tonight. The scenario is me putting our fake tree together and discovering half the lights don't work, even after changing fuses.

Me: Dang it, the lights still don't work!
Z: Call Cox, Mom.
Me: No, I can figure it out. It's okay.
Z: Mom, call Cox. Not the Cox's in our ward, the electricity Cox. (What he doesn't know is they do phone, cable, and internet, not electricity).
Me: No, I don't need to call anyone.
Z: Mom, CALL THEM! Sometimes people need help. CALL THEM!

So there you have it. Sometimes people do need help, and calling someone....even if their specialty is not exactly related can be helpful according to a seven year old.

And, Gideon is finally beginning the word explosion phase. Yesterday he said park and Grandpa. Today he said Bethany, beads, bath (the right way), and back (pointing at the back door to go outside). He used to do about one new work a week...and now we have 6 words in two days! Speech therapy is working!!

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