Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rockets, Jumping, and sleeping

Ammon and Brady built the rocket he got for his birthday. We took it out to the soccer field to shoot off, but something didn't connect right so it did nothing. Brady tried a few different things, including switching out the engine for a new one, but it still didn't go off. Hopefully after some internet researching he'll figure it out and we can try again soon. Everyone was disappointed...except Ayla who just wanted to play in the dirt the whole time.

Sometimes getting ready for bed means jumping on it instead.

Zenock has wanted a sleepover with his mattress on the floor for a very long time. Now that Gideon's mattress is on the floor since his bed broke, he has increased his asking...and I finally gave in. It took them all forever to fall asleep. Right before I went to bed this is what I found.

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