Friday, November 1, 2013

More birthday and other random stuff

First up is a joint birthday surprise we got for the boys to share. It's a kid size compound bow with two packages of arrows. There's an archery range behind the rec center....and our kids seriously love bows (for over two years now....which may or may not have something to do with Grandpa Ron letting them shoot Brady's old bow out in the back yard every time we go visit Idaho). In any case, instead of soccer this year - since I didn't want to play solo soccer parent with two runaway toddlers - we decided they could take an archery class and shoot at the range a few times. Zenock isn't old enough for the class, so he gets to do a woodworking class on Saturdays, starting tomorrow.

The arrow box is WAY more fun than the actual arrows.

It's the perfect size to ship a kid off to Grandpa's house. I texted him this picture and he offered to pay the shipping cost :)

Wednesday night I finally stopped debating with myself and gave Ayla some bangs. I'm sick of her hair always in her eyes when I don't put it up....and there's just a lot of days I don't really want to wrangle her to make her look cute. So I just did it. They are shorter than intended, but that just means more time in between trims.

He decided between his legs is a great place to put treats in the car. Usually it's the cereal from the treat bowl...yesterday it was a bag of skittles.

This is my sweet, nerdy husband's idol.....someone from Walking Dead.

These two love to play the pushing game. They both giggle when doing this.all.the.time!!! They were playing like this while I was taking down the outside Halloween stuff today.

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Alayna said...

That would be Darrel from The Walking Dead. Some friends got us into it and we both love the show:)