Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shooting Pumpkins

Yesterday the kids didn't have school, and Brady was home just waiting to get called in for work, so we went out in the desert and blew up some pumpkins. Gideon's been wanting to for a few weeks now, especially after he saw Brady put the pumpkin we carved out on the porch. He ran over to it every morning asking to blow it up. All of us had a great time! I'm especially thankful the Frazier's joined us and helped keep the little ones entertained. I'm loving the weather being cooler now so we can go do this more often. This first video is Brady shooting the first of our 5 pumpkins.

I shot the next one.

And this one is me too. Ryan shot one and Brady shot another with his 9mm.

Ammon specifically asked us to bring the .22 rifle so he can have a chance to shoot some pumpkins too. He did really well.

Ryan is 13 and has never been shooting before. Here she is with the .22 rifle. Later she had the courage to use the mini 14 which shoots .223 caliber. She blew up a pumpkin with it!! Brady loves teaching people how to use firearms. Someday I hope he can get his instructor license with the NRA...I think it would be a great "retirement" job.

This is Ryan's mom, Sandi. She hasn't been shooting since she was almost Ryan's age, so yesterday was really awesome for her too. It was so fun to take other people shooting with us and share in the joy of blowing things up. I'm thankful we were able to find a gun store close to our house that had tannerite in stock. Next time, I'm thinking huge watermelons would be fun to shred :)

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