Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ammon the goof, and a school project

 I found these pictures when I uploaded the camera today. What a ham!

 This is his last school project for the year. He had to make a model of an island with at least 5 land forms. He wanted to do 10, so we compromised on 8. His theme is it is called Sports Island. He has Football Iceburg up in the left corner, Karate Mountain, Twin Kung Fu Falls, Fencing River, Marathon Pond, Archery Lake, Soccer Ocean, Water Polo Volcano, Bicycle Plateu, and Touchdown Harbor. He did it in the shape of a football field, complete with an endzone area at Touchdown Harbor. He did the painting of the ocean, forming the clay landforms, and putting the sticks on. I made the clay and put the label flags on the toothpicks. His island name is on a banner, similar to those you would see hanging above a city street to advertise a community event/sport coming up. I remember seeing them all the time in Rexburg about the Teton Dam Marathon.

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