Saturday, May 31, 2014

FHE in the summer

 Her new swimsuit I found at a consignment sale for an awesome deal!
 Brady picked out the pink rashguard to give her. I love them because it saves serious time and money on sunscreen.
 While at the park these two little ones ate like champs. They both had a cheese stick, 1/2 can of vienna sausages, 1/3 of a huge apple, popcorn, and chips. They NEVER eat that much at home, especially in one sitting. My heart was so happy because I knew they were both actually getting all the calories their active, growing bodies need.
 This is my favorite splash pad in Henderson.
 We went for FHE (without Brady since he was working as usual) with the Hedden's, the Wilsons, and the Dixons. Everyone had a blast. I only made them all go home when Ayla and Gideon started going is opposite directions of the park to play and I couldn't watch both of them at the same time anymore. They were all pretty sad....until I told them we were going to Winco to pick out some ice cream treats to eat at home. Food bribery always works in the Lindsay house :)

 She was showing Sam her apple
Filling up cups with water and dumping/throwing them on other people was really fun for the kids.

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