Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making a bench for cheap!

 We bought an old, pretty beat up table for $20 over a month ago. The plan all along was to take it apart and make a bench for our kitchen table. I forgot to take before pictures, but if you remember our old, small table from our house in Idaho, you already know what it looked like. It was only a 4 person table. Brady took all the stuff over to a guy in our ward so he could use his tutelage and tools. Together they came up with this bench style using two of the existing chairs and half of the table top is now the seat. They also took apart the skeleton of the old table to make it into either a backless bench or a sofa table, depending if we decided to cut off the legs or not. That one is currently in our garage, awaiting saran wrap so we can store it all together and not lose any pieces in the event that we move soon.
The boys love to sit all together on the bench for every meal, with Gideon insisting that Ammon sit right by him. It's so cute to watch the kids get along so well. In the picture below, Ayla was the first lucky kid to try out the bench. Yes, we are painting it...I just can't decide on a color yet. I'm thinking about lime green...or maybe just a boring brown seat with black back and legs, but I don't know for sure.
Aren't these boys cute sitting all smooshed together on the new bench?


Lot Adams said...

I thought I was going to get my table back

Lifes Little Adventures said...

lime green for sure!!!! That would look AWESOME!!!