Thursday, May 22, 2014

The birthday FUN!

Ayla's big day was so fun!

 I made her a Minnie Mouse cake with oreos. She picked out the frosting, and the sprinkles. The cake is chocolate, because we don't do any other kind in our house :) In between the layers I put some homemade srtawberry blueberry jam. 
 She was so happy to say HI and Cheese!
 Her nursery leader came to give her a surprise. She got a cute card, a crown that she LOVES, a mirror, a treat, and some chapstick. She loves to pucker her lips so I can put some on.
 Her birthday crown. Thank you so much Sister Rose!!
 Eating one of her favorite dishes: chicken cordon bleu casserole. She inhales the stuff every time I make it.
 For her birthday from Grandparents Deitz and Kalina she got a fun animal book. She loves that it has buttons and sounds
 Opening swim suits from us
 A dress from us
 Opening the shoes, seen below. They light up...even more fun!! This kid LOVES shoes!

 We Skyped with my mom and sister for the birthday song and opening presents. The whole time she kept looking over to the computer and waving HI to them. After the presents were all opened she climbed on the table to get a closer look at Grandma.
 Eating her birthday cake...she loved it :)

Bethany, Jason, and Sage came to celebrate with us. They gave her a cute homemade toy bucket and a box of diapers. She also got a swim floating thing and a pink rash guard picked out by Daddy....they are PINK! She also got a one piece outfit to wear when it gets a little colder outside. A few weeks ago she got a card with $2 in it from Brady's dad, Grandpa Ron. We love our baby girl. Happy birthday Ayla!!

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