Sunday, May 18, 2014

Date #8: Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra

For dinner we bought a half price Groupon for Tuscano Italian Grill. Although the food was delicious, the vegetable selection and portion left something to be desired. I'm not used to getting about 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes and one broccoli floret with 1/2 grilled roma tomato on the side. As an Idaho girl, 1/4 cup of potatoes is only one I was still wanting more after it was all gone. However, my grilled salmon was DELICIOUS! I forget what Brady's dish was called. It had musscles, clams, one jumbo shrimp, and a Mediterranian Sea Bass....with a few more tomatoes than me (one of his least favorite foods). His seafood was also really good...again, the veggies could have been triple the amount.

 After dinner we went to The Smith Center to see the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra perform their last event of the season. They had a guest conductor who is well known in the music world, Susan Hicks. She did a fabulous job! The theme was Pop in Paris, and I was sure I wouldn't recognize anything they played. It turns out, Brady and I knew everything they performed with the exception of two or three pieces. They even played a selection from Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. George Gershwin is Brady's favorite composer, and they played his American In Paris. The whole night was so enjoyable. Going to a symphony has been something I have wanted to do since we got only took us 10 years to do it!
The photo to the left here is directly opposite where we were sitting. We were on the top balcony, in the second door of box seats. Yes, it was definitely the nose bleed section, but the sound up there was totally amazing.
Below is what the stage looked like when I leaned over the rail.

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