Monday, May 12, 2014

Crafting for Teacher Appreciation

 First group sanded and stained. Ready for vinyl.
 Third group sanded and stained. I ran out of the dark stain, so I tried a lighter one called Butter was really blonde. At Brady's suggestion I added the last few drops of the dark stain into the new can and mixed it up really well. After two more coats, it looked really nice. See the lighter, finished product below.
 The first group laquered
 And done! I cut the loops on the bows for the male teachers so it looks like a bow tie. I love it!
 Some different colors and the final outcome of the lighter stain. iCreateArt is for my friend who teachers an art class during the summer. Bailey Rae was a baby shower gift for my friend.
This is a sign another friend asked me to make. It's from a recycled shelf board we found on the side of the road on trash day last year. Brady cut it to 8x24 for me and we added 13 clothes pins. My friend has 5 kids....and lots of missing socks. I hope this helps them be found :)

Now you need the full story.....I have been asked to make things for people quite a few times since the beginning of the year. Most recently I have made Disney shirts, vinyl signs, and costumes for an upcoming themed birthday party. Off and on over the last couple of years I have been thinking about doing some kind of etsy shop or ebay thing for all the things I like to make. Nothing really felt right until recently.  I love using my talents and skills to help others because some say crafting just isn't their thing. So I officially opened up a Facebook page where I can sell the things I love to make. It's called Ayla's Attic. It has been open for about a week, and I already have two orders for customized shirts. It's so nice to have projects to do, and it's a little more fun now that people pay me to make them. It has really been an answer to our prayers to have a way to make a little extra money without having to pay a babysitter. I still have time to volunteer at the Red Cross every week, and I can totally do my projects during nap time.

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Lifes Little Adventures said...

Yay!!! I have to say I feel just a little jealous. I have wanted to do something but have had no success. I am happy for you though, you have an eye and talent to go with it! You cease to amaze me!