Friday, March 22, 2013

Birthday cake and a project

No one is ever too old to lick the beaters....especially if it's chocolate cake batter :)

I made a birthday cake for dessert at our Relief Society birthday bash last week. We had a kids party themed dinner and decor, so I made a kid cake to go along with it. The cake was delicious! I used a regular Devils Food mix but replaced the oil with applesauce so the cake was sooo moist. I made my own strawberry filling to put between the layers of cake because I hate frosting in the middle. I just made some strawberry freezer jam but used a little extra ultra gel to make it a little thicker than normal. I learned that it's really difficult to write on graham cracker crumbs too.

This is Ammon's leprachaun trap he made for school. The egg carton is the ladder and there's just a piece of construction paper on top with some shiny loot to temp him to come up. But when he comes up the ladder and on top of the paper it makes him fall into the can. Ammon is a pretty good rookie was a little hard for me to let him go with it and do it his way.

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