Sunday, March 24, 2013

Temple Square

Before the Idaho people went home Sunday we spent the morning at Temple Square in SLC.

Cousins Drake and Chloe with the older kids

I couldn't resist a picture of Konnor in a little stroller cocoon. He slept almost the whole time we were there. And that's his mom, my sister Alayna.

Ammon and Zenock in front of the Conference Center.

SLC temple from the conference center roof.

Half of the Deitz clan. Missing my dad who is taking the photo, Abby who couldn't get work off to come, Kacey and Kahel who drove to Utah just for the day on Saturday, and Justin who was working.

Roof of the Conference Center. It was a cold, windy day. We wanted to go to Hogle Zoo too, but the weather was just too yucky for the little kids to be out in for a long time. We went to the aquarium in Sandy instead and then drove to Lehi, UT to spend time with Brady's brother and family. Pictures of that will be tomorrow.

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