Saturday, March 9, 2013

Buckets of fun

Every kid plays in the laundry buckets. My buckets are big enough to fit two kids at a time...double the fun!! I tried and tried to get a picture of Gideon smiling in there with Zenock, but whenever he saw the camera he got out of there so fast!! He kept coming over to me so he could see what was on the camera screen.

Yes, the bucket made it's way around the entire house before being put away. The boys dragged it everywhere.

So, I can't remember if this is ice cream, smoothie, or yogurt on his face. Oh,'s a smoothie. We had the sister missionaries over for dinner and ate smoothies and waffles. I added spinach to the smoothies to sneak veggies into Gideon's tummy. He loved drinking from a cup all by himself.

And the big news of my life right now is Ayla is weaned. She LOVES bottles. I'm soooo happy to have a little more freedom now to get out and do things and have Brady home with her for bedtime and such (which is awesome because he loves to feed her bottles). However, the change is also hard because there are times when breastfeeding is much more convenient than bringing formula and bottles wherever we go. I think she is sleeping better at night though, which is worth everything too me. This little girl refuses to let me train her to sleep all night. She just cried for up to two hours at a time before I gave up and fed her. The two front teeth also appeared in the last few days, so she no longer looks like a vampire. She has four teeth on top and two on the bottom.

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