Friday, March 29, 2013

Christmas in March?

For Christmas our "big" present for the boys were tickets to Monster Jam World Finals 2013! We FINALLY got to use them last weekend. Oh my was so very awesome. I'm soooo glad we had the opportunity to go to this event. Having attended previous, much smaller, monster truck races in Idaho and Utah, I knew it would be very rough on me and the littler ones if they came. So we got a babysitter for them so they could keep their schedules and have fun not being scared of all the noise and having to hold still on a parent's lap for 3 hours. It was so relaxing to just be with the older boys doing something we all loved. I got seats in the middle section, in the corner of the stadium. We were on the top row, so we could see everything! The big air was the best part! Some of the wheelies were totally up in the air and amazing! Because we live only two miles from this stadium, it was a short ride home too!

Ready for the races...okay, the crashes, let's be honest.

Ammon's a good photographer, no?

Race against Monster Energy and Grave Digger the Legend.

When Monster Mutt Dalmation turned the corner her truck stopped and then caught fire. Candace, the driver was okay...but the truck wasn't! She came back for freestyle...but the truck was running really poor.

Grave Digger and Son uva Digger racing...father and son driving against each other. It was really fun to watch!

MaxD won by a nose hair...I'm not kidding. They showed the replay on the big screen.

Captain America freestyle. One of the best my opinion.

MaxD cool!!

Grave Digger the Legend. He did awesome...okay, they ALL did awesome.

Crusader freestyle

This isn't my video because our camera battery died. This was the finale for the show. MaxD won the event....again!! Apparently this truck is very good, and very popular.

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