Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our Utah mini vacation

Trying to eat all by herself in the van. These pouches are the best invention in the world...right after disposable diapers.

Lot holding his son Konnor and Ayla. Konnor is 3 weeks older than Ayla and look at the difference in size! Ayla is build like me while Konnor is built like his dad.

Taking a break from the carseat on the drive to Utah.

After swimming first thing in the morning and then breakfast we drove up to show Ammon Primary Childrens Hospital where he had his life-saving surgery when he was a month old. They are building another wing to it, so we got out and Gideon looked at all the cranes and cronstruction equipment working. When he sat on the concrete barrier with Brady a worker asked him if he was enjoying the show.

Gideon is really good at pushing his brothers out of bed. Several times during our stay I checked on them when I was up with Ayla in the middle of the night. Often he was horizontal and the other two were about to fall out of bed.

We went to Utah to celebrate my Grandma turning 80. We met up with all of my siblings except one. Here is Zenock, Drake, Ammon, Chloe, my mom, and Kalina all enjoying lunch.

Two of the cutest people I know :) besides our other kids of course.

My mom corraling Ayla, Kalina, and my brother Kahel

My Grandma opening her gifts and reading the cards. All the kids made her photo books. The man by the piano is my dad, then Aunt Marie, Aunt Kay, and Aunt Trudy who has her back turned to me. The only sibling not pictured is Dennis....and I didn't get a picture of him for some reason.

The kids all went crazy playing at the end of the gym while Grandma was opening gifts. Chloe and Lizzy were spinning in circles. I'm surprized Zenock didn't get trampled.

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