Monday, March 25, 2013

Living Aquarium in Sandy, UT

The otter habitat was my favorite of the whole museum. They were fed right when we got to the exhibit. I'll have a video of that at the end of the post.

Gideon loved the otters too.

Giant octopus that we also got to watch being fed. A video of that is also at the end.

Giant clam. Very cool I thought.

I forgot which habitat this was, but Zenock's smile is sure goofy.

The penguin habitat, which we also got to see being fed. That was cool too.

Video of the otters playing and eating.

This is the video of the octopus getting fed.

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Lifes Little Adventures said...

I bet we were there the same time...Dang, sure would have been good to see you! Thank you again for that Easter Banner! I love it!