Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Point Dino Museum

The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT was really fun for everyone. We went there Monday afternoon with Brady's brother and his family. Zenock is our dino loving kid, so he was in heaven the whole time....except when he saw the actual dino skeletons. The T-Rex's and Supersaurus below scared him the most.

Izabella and Ammon re-decorated a dino. It had two sets of body parts to arrange however you wanted to.

I took this dino bird picture for Zenock. He loves the flying dino's. He was surprized how small they were because he thought they were huge like a T-Rex.

A dino toy sand-building area was the highlight for most of the kids. Gideon went back there twice. The second time I was just following him as he roamed the halls and he went directly back to this room. I had to get in the middle of the area where littler kids can reach the sand to get him out. He and I were both frustrated at each other because he wanted to stay and I was having serious trouble getting him out of there. Above is Gabby...she's five and Zenock's best cousin/friend.

Gid was scared at first...so was Zenock

And then there's Ammon.....

The dino bone digging was at the end. Who doesn't love dirt and rocks? Brady and the older boys watched a 3D movie called the Flying Monsters after in their theater. They loved it.

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